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Gotta Dash 'em All-Chapter 12
Gotta Dash 'em All
-Chapter 12: Reunion in Unova
“Oh, my head…” Rainbow Dash sat up and rubbed her head. “What hit me? It looked like… Twilight?!?” She quickly darted her head back and forth, but was disappointed when she didn’t see Twilight anywhere. She sighed, “I must be losing it,” and turned around, only to find herself staring directly into a pair of big blue eyes. “AH!” She jumped.
“Hi Dashie!” Pinkie giggled. “Enjoying your vacation?”
“P-Pinkie?!?” Rainbow rubbed her eyes with her hooves. “Does this mean I made it back to Equestria?”
“Nopesy dopesy” Pinkie giggled. “Me and Twilight were just on our way here to look for you, but as soon as we got here there you were. You crashed into us and sent both of us flying way up into the air. You also popped my balloons. I lost Twilight but I found you.”
“But, how did you survive falling from t
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Gotta Dash 'em All-Chapter 11
Gotta Dash 'em All
-Chapter 11: Other dimension or bust
“So, what’s your plan to get me home?” Rainbow Dash inquired from the back seat of Professor Juniper’s car.
“I intend to reenact the event in which you originally broke the Dimensional Barrier.”
“Dimensional barrier?” Rainbow raised a eyebrow, “What do you mean?”
“You see,” Professor Juniper explained, “after you told me how you got here, I did a bit of research about theories of interdimensional travel. One particular theory that caught my attention was the theory of the Dimensional Barrier, a wall between our universe and all of the other universes. Based on your story, when your friend used her spell on you, the speed boost you received was just enough to break through the Dimensional Barrier, but that alone isn’t possible by any means I know.”
“What?” Rainbow scratched her head in confusion, “But you just said she made m
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Gotta Dash 'em All-Chapter 10
Gotta Dash 'em All
-Chapter 10: Rescuing Rainbow
“We’re here!” Ash yelled as Professor Juniper’s car skidded to a halt in front of the Team Rocket tower. “Come on, guys,” he opened the door and jumped out, “let’s save Rainbow Dash.”
“Wait, Ash,” Iris protested, “we should try to sneak in without causing too much of a ruckus.”
“Sorry to disappoint you Iris,” Cilan pointed to the door to the tower, “but I think it’s already too late for that.”
“What?” Iris asked as she turned to look at the tower. “AH!” The door was now wide open, and several dozen Team Rocket members were running out.
“Stop right there!” One of the operatives commanded as he held up a Pokeball.
“Not a chance!” Ash yelled as he held up eleven Pokeballs and threw them into the air at once. Cilan and Iris both exited the car and threw their Pokeballs into the air too. A
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Gotta Dash 'em All-Chapter 9:
Gotta Dash 'em All
-Chapter 9: Tracking Team Rocket
“Oshawott! Oshawott!” Rainbow Dash’s Oshawott jumped up and down, facing the direction its trainer had been taken.
“Oh Oshawott,” Iris said as she picked up Oshawott and gave him a comforting hug, “I promise we’ll get Rainbow Dash back.
“But how?” Cilan asked. “They took off too fast for us to follow, and we don’t even know if they kept a straight path when they did. For all we know he only flew that way to fool us and then changed direction when he got out of sight.”
“Well what else are we supposed to do?” Ash demanded. “We can’t just leave Rainbow Dash in the hands of Team Rocket; who knows what they’ll do with her?!?”
Cilan held up his hands defensively, “Easy, Ash, fighting with me isn’t going to bring Rainbow Dash back here any sooner. We need a plan to find her.”
“How are we supposed to do that?
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Last night I decided that, as much as I hate spoilers, it’s futile to try hiding from all of them when it comes to the season premiere, so I went ahead and looked at some basic synopses and images from it. I pretty much facepalmed when I saw it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I wish they’d just give us a nice slice-of-life plot for a season premiere/finale once in a while, or at least some big event that DOESN’T involve a huge crisis that threatens the fate of Equestria. I’m not gonna lie and say I might skip it; I always give the episodes a chance just in case they do turn out to be good, but honestly I won’t be really excited about season 5 until they hit episode 3 and we get into the slice-of-life episodes, which are the kinds of episodes that made me fall in love with the show in the first place.

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